Choosing an attractive and best Amharic font to download is one of the most used practices in the design industry, You can use these fonts in your website, photoshop or any other software you use.

We’ve collected the best free Amharic and Geez fonts to use for your next project. There are many Amharic fonts available online. The fonts differ by the style, look and your preference in the design.

Best Amharic Fonts to Download

1, Abyssinica SIL Font

2, Ethiopia Jiret Slant font

3, Ethiopic Fantuwua font

4, Ethiopic Tint Font

5, Ethiopic Wookianos Font

6, Ethiopic Yebse Font

7, Ethiopic Zelan Font

8, Ethiopic Goffer Font

9, Ethiopic Addis font

10, Ethiopic Hiwua Font

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