The mobile friendly web design and development process for a certain business can be different depending upon the content of the website that’s going to be designed. most website have a progressive and mobile friendly pages so the website can be easy to navigate for the user.

How to know if your website is Mobile friendly

1, Check Google mobile friendly testing tool

Google’s mobile friendly test can be useful to many websites to check the mobile friendliness of a website, this can also help the website easy to navigate and page speed.

2. Check Google page speed insights

since the early 2011’s, Google has started using the websites page speed for SEO. so if you have a website that loads lower than your competitors, the website might rank lower than the other websites on the google Search engine results.

3, Add Caching to your website

adding a cache to your website makes it faster for google to recognize it in the search results also it will decrease the bounce rate of your web content.

4, Use a CDN

Using a CDN (content delivery network) can increase mobile based websites’ page speed and make your website faster with servers that around the globe.

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