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Mekina Sales

Mekina sales is a car marketplace website where users can sell their cars online. Features include: Advanced search options, car posting, payment, inventory list, booking and more.


Kaliyato is a classified listing of businesses in Addis Ababa. Business owners can create an account on the website and customers can review the businesses.

Sami Upholstery

Sami Upholstery is an Upholstery service based in Canada, The website includes multiple pages with contact forms, Gallery, Testimonials and services page.

African Engineering Group

African Engineering Group is a civil and architectural works provider based in Bamako, Mali. The website has different creative layouts and responsive design.

Sheger Hive

Sheger Hive Business & Tech Hub is a Co-working space based in Addis Ababa. Features of the website include: Attractive landing page, Room listing, Contact form and more.

Awaze Media

Awaze Media is a media company based in Addis Ababa that focuses on shows. The website has minimalist and creative designs.

Medhen Cleaning

Medhen Cleaning is a cleaning service provider. The site has a great looking home and subpages with an advanced booking system for the cleaning services.


Quality Advert

Quality Advert is an advertising company. The website includes: landing page, services list and contact form with a professional design.

Ethio Law Office

Ethio Law Office is a Law office in Addis Ababa, The website has several amendment blogs and different layouts of the services they provide.

Romadi Packaging

Romadi Packaging is a carton manufacturing company. The websiteconsists landing page, products list, contact form and more.

Warka Technologies Group

Warka Technologies Group is an Computer Networking and cyber security company. The website’s features consists of services list, contact form and more.

Faya Taxi

Faya Taxi is a car importer company based in Ethiopia. The website’s Features include: car showcase, booking, contact forms and more.

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