Are you looking to start your own tech business and don’t know where to start? Today we’ll share with you the top profitable high technology business ideas you can startup small.

Small Tech Businesses to Start in Ethiopia

1, Fin Tech Products

Do you know Ethiopia is the of the most financially funded countries for startups in Africa? Local companies like blueMoon helps young entrepreneurs fund their product or services for 10% equity. You can begin with a financial technology mobile application for agriculture sectors in Ethiopia. Since 85% of Ethiopia’s Population works in agriculture this will help your startup get more attraction.

2, Digital Marketing Specialist

Even though Ethiopia ranks ranks low compared to other countries. It’s still growing. with more digital infrastructure and internet users increasing at a rapid rate in the country, Being a digital marketing specialist is one of the jobs you can help your customers businesses’ product reach more people.

3, Cloud or Networking Solutions Provider

One of the most profitable tech businesses you can start in Ethiopia is being a network solutions provider. With many companies looking for a way to get their service online by ditching the old paper works and converting to the internet world you can help this companies with becoming a networking service company.

4, Application Development Service

Many people are using their smartphone frequently now a days. With people looking for a way to get their need online, Companies are looking to satisfy this needs with an application of their own. You can start creating applications for companies and make profit.

5, IT Equipment Sales

There are a lot of companies and people who are looking to buy IT products. People mainly look for laptops, smartphones, desktops etc… You can become an IT equipment sales that will make you profitable.

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