Premium Web Hosting in Ethiopia

Affordable and secure web hosting service in Ethiopia with High uptime servers that are based in the UK.

Store your website on our servers that are blazing fast.

You have unlimited acess to FTP on your server and can edit changes.

Get the best website hosting and managment in Ethiopia.

Our servers have an uptime of 99% and make your website live 24/7

Track your website activity with our built in service

Store your files securely with our high quality servers.


Single Pricing, Unlimited Everything

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Daily Cloud Backups

worried about your site getting hacked and getting it back with the previuos version? we got you covered.

99% Uptime

Our servers are based in the UK so you dont have to worry about your website getting shutdown.

Fast Servers

get the fastest server for your website and enjoy the great results on your website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Great Support

We will be here to answer your questions Via Email, Phone , Telegram to get you up and running your website.

Affordable Hosting

Our service is affordable for most of our clients and high uptime servers with blazing fast website speed and uses the latest technologies.

Answers to Your Questions

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting refers to a service that stores the all the data on your website. all of the websites that you see online are stored in a data center called web hosting, This data center allows you to store your websites’ data and serve it on the internet. not all web hosting plans have the same capabilities it differs by the hosting plans. at Sheger Tech, we offer unlimited bandwidth and data stored on our servers for all of the plans listed above.

What is Web Disk Space?

Disk Space is the amount of Data that will be stored on thee server. you can upload and store unlimited GB of data on our servers as long us it doesn’t go against our terms of service.

How Can i Backup my Website?

our premium hosting plan allows you to take automated backups for your website, backups are used to upload the downloaded data in case your website gets hacked or you just want to change a web hosting provider, the backed up file can be imported easily. we will make free web migrations for clients that want to change their web hosting to our servers.

In Which Country is Your Hosting Based?

Our servers are based on a Data center in the United Kingdom. the servers have 99% uptime performance, this meany your website is not likely to go down and has ulimited bandwidh in premium plan.

What is a Domain Name?

a domain name refers to the name of the website. for example Google’s domain is, to get a domain name you need to buy the service from domain registration providers, we offer free domain names for a client that purchased a hosting. 

How Can i Get My Business Email?

When you buy web hosting you’ll get a free business like for free. you can also create unlimited users for the Email.

What is the Difference between Shared and VPS Hosting?

Shared web hosting is a cheap kind of web hosting thats on most of the personal and business websites today, Shared hosting is basically sharing one server to many websites on the internet. VPS is a website running on many connected servers. 

Will my Website be Secure?

Ofcourse, your website security is our main focus, our servers are in the united kingdom with security guaranteed.

Can i Make a Domain Transfer?

Yes, You can transfer youe existing domain to us, just send us the auth code and we’ll do the rest.